Questions You Should Ask

When you walk into a daycare for the first time, You have very few questions in your mind to select a good daycare and survive same.

Questions You Must from Daycare

Though these are many questions you can put through daycare service provider on your first visit, I am mentioning here some essential ones, excluding fee, as it varies from place to place.
  • How many children do you mange?
  • What are your timings and What if I get late sometime?
  • What is Your Child to Caregiver Ratio?
  • Do you have CCTV & Will I be able to watch that in real-time?
  • What’s Your experience in this service?
  • What’s Your Sick child Policy?
  • Ask for Diet Charts
  • Ask for Activity Reports Being Filled recently
  • Is your staff verified for criminal record & seek the local police verification certificate.
  • Do you have fire safety equipment?
  • Ask for a inspection of Kitchen, Washrooms & Living Area

Caregiver to Child Ratio

Best assumed ratio for a daycare is:

Infant 1:3

Toddlers 1:5

School Going Kids 1:8

Employees Quality

Do ask about quality of staff, to start with ask for their police verification certificates, if they don’t have, ask for it.  How long they have been to this daycare?, like every parent you definitely want to be experienced when it comes to someone taking care of your child.


Ask for their timings, what time they open and when they close, what are their working days and holidays and if they provide 24×7 service?

Every daycare centre is different, and you may find that some are more structured than others. Ask to see a schedule so that you can decide if it’s the right fit for you and your baby.


This question may sound stupid but it is very important and matter of high concern for every parent. Small kids should even be supervised in nap time, so make sure the centre always has a caregiver in the room with the children at every moment.


What are the things we would send to daycare with the child? There are some daycare centres that provide diapers, wipes and formula, and some don’t. This can make a difference for you, especially when you’re considering prices.

Daily routine

This is quite important for most of the parents. Do want to know what activities your children will learn in daycare and what kind of routine he will be following there. You also want to know how he will grow his social skills.

What Is Your Sick Child Policy?

You want to know if the daycare accepts any sick children and its policies. Like, are children allowed to come to daycare as long as they don’t have a fever? Are coughs and runny noses considered an illness? What kind of sickness is acceptable in daycare? Do you have to call in and let them know your child won’t be in? Have the employees been trained in first aid?

Do You Administer Medication?

If your child is on antibiotics and cleared to go back to daycare, you’ll want to check in and see if the centre will administer medication. You may wish to how daycare handle the situation when a child complains a headache or a spasm. Will the daycare administer medication until you can get there? Do you have to provide it? What if your child takes certain medications every day?

Safety & Security

What are the things you do for child safety? Can anyone enter the daycare premise anytime? What about fire safety? Do they have some policy in place to keep a child safe & secure, and if that is followed rigorously.

Live Streaming

Most of the daycare centres have the facility of the webcam so that parents and easily see what their children are doing. This is a very transparent system and you can be assured of your child’s safety. Few daycare centres also send messages to parents about how much her daughter ate, when she went to the bathroom, and how she napped. I don’t know if calling every 10 minutes is recommended, but you definitely deserve to be able to check-in.


Hygiene is the thing you can observe as long as you visit the daycare. You can get a basic idea about the hygiene policy of daycare. Additionally, you can ask them how often toys are disinfected if floors are cleaned daily, and how the bathrooms are taken care of. How frequent they go for pest control.


Like manners, sharing, tolerance, and being kind to each other.
There are a lot of things children learn in daycare like playing together, they learn to share their things among other children and etc. Whenever you put your kid into daycare you also expect him to learn some social skills.

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Daycare for special Children.

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