Are nannies cheaper than daycare?

This is perhaps the first thought of parents when need for a daycare is felt. Indian parents often wish to hire a maid who can solve their multiple problems simultaneously. And often fall for a multi-tasking helper who manage kids with other household chorus. Economy of childcare is often misunderstood here.

Nannies & Daycare are Apple to Oranges

Simply putting together nannies are no match to daycare. Its like choosing between a Home Tuition and a School. Nannies do not contribute to household jobs, and limit themselves to safeguard, play and feed children. Still if you want me to elaborate on it, here it goes:

Nannies are approximately 2 times expensive than daycare as:

  • Direct Cost – A full-time nanny about 8-9 hours will 5-6 days a week cost you around Rs. 18-20 thousand in Metros like Mumbai & Mumbai. Daycare is definitely cheaper than this.
  • Unexpected Leaves –  Nannies may take unexpected leaves that may arise from time to time due to issues like health and family. In such cases, you lose your CL & EL and it put a straight dent of about 10 per cent of your monthly salary.
  • Electricity Bill – If you are a nuclear family, this daytime usage of AC/Heater shall cause you inflated bills as compared to a child is daycare case.
  • Notice Period – As a thumb rule you need to pay notice period to nanny in case you need to remove her abruptly, not such issue with a daycare center.

Other than above mentioned monetary flip side, you will have a compromise on non-tangible benefits that only daycare can provide your child. A good daycare gives your child an opportunity to socialize with peers and develop a personality to help conduct him/herself confidently.

In my personal experience child raised with nanny and child raised in daycare have a lot of difference when compared in terms of personality traits like dominance, social boldness, sensitivity, rule consciousness, etc. Often a daycare child scores ahead in a positive direction than a child with nanny upbringing.

It’s not about the quality of nanny you hired, it is about the exposure that the child misses with a nanny. In a daycare, the child communicates with a peer group to express its emotions and compete with them for the toys, attention of caretaker, priority over other and whatnot. You cannot teach a young child, you need to induce him/her in that competitive environment, it comes naturally.

So overall, Yes Nanny is not a cheaper option for daycare.

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