Identifying a Bad Daycare

Differentiating a bad daycare from good one is easy task, there are so many indicators which flashes red flags and you just had to keep your eyes open to get glimpse of them. 

How to Identify a Bad Daycare

Here are listed indicators that are very much visible well before getting enrolled and taste the bad experience.
  • Bad Reputation – Ask your friends or known to person about the person who is running the show, you will get the fair idea.
  • Unhappy Staff –  Daycare staff which is not happy will never care for child emphatically.
  • Bad Google Reviews – If the average star rating is below 3, for sure you should avoid that day care
  • Compact Space – If daycare don’t have enough ventilation, sunlight and open space, avoid it.
  • Unhygienic – Take a tour of daycare area, watch for corners and toilets, if not clean, avoid it.
  • Adult to child ratio – Ask for the adult or care giver to children ratio, insufficient staff is not a good sign.
  • Loose Rules – If they got any rules and not being followed, avoid such daycare.
  • Unhappy Customers – A bad daycare would never allow you to interact with their customers, try & find out yourself.

Choosing day care is one of the most critical tasks for parents as they have to find a place that can take care of their child with the same care and fits in their pockets too. To keep the child in the right day care, it is important that we know the difference between good and bad day care.

Insufficient, untrained, unhappy and rude staff

If a daycare has fewer number of staff compared to the number of children then it is a reason to worry. Bad daycare doesn’t have properly trained staff or have unhappy and rude staff. In some cased staff is under compensated and this is the big reason for being rude or unhappy.

No emotional support from caregivers

Whenever a child is away from his/her parents, he/she needs the sense of attachment that connects him/her to the caregiver. If a child is not feeling secure with the caregiver what kind of daycare or creche it is? You won’t like to keep your child to a creche where other kids are not showing the comfortable faces. If you see unattended children, seeking attention, ignored when crying, or bullied by caregivers or other kids, it might not be the best fit for your child.

Doesn’t have a good reputation or infamous

There are very few daycares that do not take care of children properly and the feedback of parents is bad for such daycare centres. Once selecting the day care for the child, also check the online review online. Parent’s feedback will definitely help you to decide whether daycare is good or bad for you. There is a possibility that competitors or hater may have put up bad reviews in deliberation to push that person out of business, so look at positive reviews as well and visit the center for your own satisfaction.

Unhealthy Environment

I don’t think any unhygienic place can be used for daycare if its dirty lookout why are they dirty and for how long. A dining table may have some spillover when kids are dining but should be wiped clean not later than kids move from that table. In the same spirit, a place having children playing cannot remain all tied up, but their cleaning staff should remain attentive.

Lack of Open Communication

Talk to daycare manager or caretaker about your child and observe what they had to say; if she communicates openly to you without hiding or exaggerating you are in good hands, but if you don’t find truth or genuineness in talks, that place is not for you. 

Child Caregiver Ratio not Balanced

Child to caregiver ratio is a very important factor in deciding whether daycare is good or not for your children. This ratio varies for infants, toddlers and young children. Every childcare should maintain this ratio and if you find a daycare where this ratio is not maintained then it will be easy for you to reject that daycare.

Lack of Strict Rules

Rules and regulations are the things everyone is bound to in a daycare and is very important in maintaining a good environment. There are rules regarding safety, hygiene, staff etc. It is must to follow rules in order to keep daycare safe and healthy. If a daycare lacks any of these measures then obviously you should not go for it.

Unsafe Environment

This is a matter of huge concern for parents. A good daycare should have clear safety measures. Safety consists of verification of staff, CCTV camera installation and guards at the entrance and exit of daycare. No one should be allowed to visit daycare without proper reason and prior notice.

A Questionable Decorum

The curriculum, record keeping, guidelines etc.,  should be very clear. You should never go to the centre that have no daily program or offer one that is static. The centre which offers a wide range of both group and individual activities are considered best. Whatever daycare you are looking for, make sure if there are organized regular activities there are changes over time.

Ask the daycare staff about the routine there. Do they take children to a picnic? Do they celebrate holidays and which ones? By getting answers for all these questions, you will also get an idea of whether the daycare is according to you or not. The daycare centre should have age-appropriate toys and there should be sufficient toys which will encourage children’s development by imaginative plays. These toys should be safe for children especially infants and toddlers. Bottom line: Your child needs a wide range of safe, age-appropriate toys and activities to encourage development. If the centre doesn’t offer them, move on.

Dirty, unsafe facilities

It is very important for daycare premise to be clean and tidy. Cleanliness should be such that you should feel as soon as you go inside the daycare that you are in the right place. Hygiene should be taken special care in daycare because it is related to their health. If daycare is clean then there will be fewer diseases to children due to hygiene issue. You should never go for dirty daycare as it is highly unsafe for children.

An exp doesn’t have one, it’s not for you.

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