What is the Best Age to Send Child into Daycare

Let us talk on this issue today, what is the right age to put the child in day care. Putting child in daycare is no choice but a requirement, so in real terms you really don’t have a choice. But since this question is asked so many times, I would like to answer it with our experience of years and hundreds of kids raising from infancy to school going kids

Best age to put your child in daycare is 6-7 months.

  • Diet – • During this time, child is including semisolid and solid food other than mother’s feed in his/her diet.
  • Recognition of Faces – • During these months, child start recognising faces and accepts them to be around.
  • Immunity Development – • At this stage, apart from physical development, child is also going developing immunity, so it’s best time to introduce child with world out of mother’s lap.
  • Personality Traits Development – • At this stage child is developing his/her personality in terms of various traits like dominance, social boldness, sensitivity, reasoning, etc., so exposure to more people helps them developing good personality.
  • Competitiveness –  At this age, children need peers to develop competitiveness, an essential virtue which come naturally and can not be induced by parents.

When your child is younger, keeping them in day care brings better results than expected.

There is another school of thought that says parents should wait for 12 months before sending kids to daycare or creche.

You cannot wait for one year to send your child in day care just because people around you feel that your child is young enough to go to a creche. You also have to assure if your child be ready to be away from you and how he reacts when he is away from you and how you are going to prepare child for it.

Some research has shown that putting in day care very quickly increases stress levels in children. It is very important to take care of this before placing the child in day care. You must consider hours your child is going to spend in day care and how is he responding. In this situation you must balance your emotion while handing over and taking over child from care taker. Your emotions of five minutes produces more stress as compare to entire daycare stay.

So best way to send your child into daycare is introducing your child a daycare in a systematic way where he/she gets to spend an hour in beginning and gradually it can be stretched to full day.

You may not realize but journey of learning starts from day one, after birth, and brain develops at exponential speed during first five years. By starting education early, they are more prepared for learning activities going forward, allowing them to make the most of them. Enrolling your child in daycare can have incredible benefits, but then who wants to send child away, specially in infancy period.

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