How to Choose Best Daycare for Your Child

Working Parents have a hard time selecting and surviving daycare, we are here to help you resolving all kind of quires related to day care and get most out of it.

Daycare is not for You, It's for your Child.

Simply putting, the environment, timings, services, facilities are the factors that put your child in comfort and learning zone with nurture, both physically and emotionally. What you had to consider is finance and logistics for getting a good daycare for your child.

Don't Judge a Creche by its Look

Generally we parents, like kids, are attracted by the cover of a book, here are some example:

  • Attractive Ambiance – If you find a daycare very colorful with lots of toys kept in good conditions with neat walls, don’t get fooled by it, these are telling you the other side of story, kids are not free to use them with liberty. What kind of freedom a child would enjoy if they not allowed to play, so that ambience of creche remains attractive.
  • All Yes – You are flattered by the lady who is all ‘YES’ and none ‘NO’, take a breath, she just want a customer for any cost, her priority is sale, not customer or service. She is confident enough to sell you anything with no botheration for deliverable.
  • Brighter Brand – A brighter brand has a significant value for fetching franchise business, and macro management with formulas. Dealing with children is all together a different course, they are spontaneous, different personalities, and much of the time uncontrollable, unless they are scared of someone in front of them or the person handling them is capable enough to convince child against their rush.
  • Lower Charges – Significantly lower charges as compared to nearby creches or daycare is not a good factor for you to consider a daycare for your child. No matter what kind of discount structure or reasoning/story they narrate to you, its a trap. You keep yourself in her shoe, and think hard, would you give your honest and best services to a guy who is not paying you well?
What to Look into a Daycare Before Enrolling Your Child.

High-quality daycare have some unique characteristics that are evident and easy to recognize. I suggest you visit daycares at least 2-3 times to observe the environment.

  • Happy Faces – Observe the satisfaction and conversation done by existing parents and children with daycare in-charge or manager on your visit. If you find parents engaged in detailed discussions about behaviour or their concerns, its a sure shot sign of a good daycare.
  •  Complaining Kids – Kids are curious and restless, they always want to explore and have competitive nature by default. If they feel comfortable in the environment and encouragement, they will express their feelings with staff and parents without hesitation.
  •  Discipline – If you find staff struggling with putting kids into more discipline mode, that means there is a discipline policy in place, and you know the relation between kids and discipline, any discontent is a simple sign of ‘freedom’ kids have, and staff taking care of safety and security of every child.
  • Activity Charts –  You should ask for activity charts by creche or daycare being followed, not empty but filled, are they been fulfilled, do they have some human errors on it (errors indicate that they are real and not prepared for showcase purpose), signed by supervisor and manager, preferably with in-charge, do they have log file(not for audit but for recording purpose).
  • Live CCTV Streaming – Good daycares offer live streaming, they may attract some additional charges or may be embedded in fee structure. Only daycares with a system in place and trained staff offer this facility. Whether parents watch it or not but daycares with live streaming keep a decorum. 
  • Charges – Generally charges are above average in terms of percentile, not necessarily top of the chart, but yes a good daycare delivers quality care and charge for it. They don’t give a discount or freebies, neither you should bargain hard on it.
  • Dedicated Staff – Multitasking staff is not good, there should be dedicated staff for kitchen, cleaning, studies, caretakers and teacher for their respective profile. In emergencies, daycares may utilize people for cross functioning, but they should have different staff for a different profile.
  • Child-Adult Ratio – Infant – 3:1, Toddlers 5:1, School going kids 8:1, this include supervisor/managers and cleaner. Children with special needs require 1:1 or 1:2 and are charged higher. On occasions, the ratio may fluctuate but has to be there in principal, so do ask the ratio they provide.
  • Google Reviews –  Generally more reviews mean better customer satisfaction, look for four & five stars with stories, fake ones are generally with no descriptions or negative remarks. If the majority of Google reviews have no description with either one star or five stars that means either they are planted by competitors or owners themselves. 
  • Facebook Page – Almost every daycare has their FB page, and are assessable for public view, follow those pages for some time and observe the frequency and activities (outdoor & indoor). This is a wonderful way to get an insight into daycare activities.

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